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Fringe Urban Narratives: Peripheries, Identities, Intersections is an interdisciplinary network of researchers and artists interested in the cultural processes of imagining and narrating urban experiences from the margins.


FRINGE is a communicative platform for academics at different stages in their careers and from different disciplines. It integrates PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and established academics, as well as artists, curators and cultural institutions. Our network structure is committed to offering a gender and regional balance and we co-organize activities with related research groups, networks and citizen-based groups.


FRINGE explores the relationship between urban arts and non-normative sexualities and gender identities, disabilities, and marginalized nationalities and ethnicities in the urban context. Our activities do not focus on specific cities. Instead, they are oriented towards the thematic and methodological challenges that arise when exploring urban imaginaries at the intersections with these peripheral spheres of alterity.

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