Urban (Im)mobilities and Borderland Narratives

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Programme (Sept 2021). Practical information 

Registration (opens 1 Sept 2021)

Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (Alcalá, Madrid)

14-15 October 2021 (hybrid mode)


Queer Urban Nights

Dublin City University (Republic of Ireland)

27-28 May 2022 

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FRINGE theory reading series

The FRINGE Reading Group engages with urban theory from intersectional perspectives. Participants from all disciplines are invited to join and suggest texts for discussion. We read texts circulated by the session moderator two weeks in advance of the Zoom meeting. Sessions are moderated on a rotating basis to ensure the inclusion of various perspectives.

The Reading Group welcomes academics at all stages of their career and all disciplines as well as artists and members of the public interested in the urban. Contact: Olga Springer

Next sessions:

Wed 10 March (5pm CET). Article: "Cities and Sexualities" (Hubbard et. al., 2015)

Wed 21 April (5pm CET). Article: "The Invisible Flâneuse" (Janet Wolff, 1985)

Wed 2 June (5pm CET). A section on social class and the urban from The Worst Street in North London (Jerry White, 1986)

We will be back in September with more sessions!


Call for contributions/papers:

Cities Under Stress: Urban Discourses of Crisis, Resilience, Resistance, and Renewal (International Conference of the Association for Literary Urban Studies. U. of California, Feb 22)

Literature and Peripheries

Pastoral and Anti-Pastoral: Exploring the Representation of City and the Village in Literature. An edited anthology

“Gothic Literature in its American Cartography” (panel #5, Brazilian Association of Comparative Literature)

Archive. March-June 2021 (click to download)